When recommend to clean a down, feather comforter or pillow ?
Depend the usage and how dirty or damaged usually every 4-5 years. The down comforter and pillow can absorb sweat and natural skin oil even if you using protecting cover just slower.
If the fabric shell damaged or start to lose the down (the feather or down coming through the fabric)
Unpleasant odor coming out from the product. The comforter or pillow lose fluffie looking and firmness looks flat. When using you'll find some cold spot areas

Is it possible cleaning down comforter at my home ? /Always check the product label before do that/
Yes its possible but usually damaging the large clusters down and fragmenting the down and feather also. Some comforter shell start to losing the down and the low air permeability lost. The washing and drying machines can damage too. Washing can also cause your down comforter to shrink about 2% to 6%.

How can I protect and store my down comforter and pillow?
The best way if you using protecting cover or sheet. ( still recommended cleaning after 5-8 years)
If you have chance you can use traditional European treatment way by hanging outside in sunny dry winter weather condition for 60min.
If you do not have chance to do you can order from our reconditioning bag. more information click here
Never leave in high humidity or vet condition.

How can I store my down or feather comforter and pillow?
Always keep in dry ventilated place. Never use vacuum packing because the large cluster and feather damaging.
We can offer 100% cotton breathing storage bag for small charge or a professional reconditioning bag with scent options.

If not cleanable how can I dispose?
Annually 2million pound of down product going to waste. If your product damaged and not possible to reconditioning then we are recommend to recycling by professional. You can recycle at this company and receiving discount from new products purchasing. click here.

How can I turn my old comforter to a new shape?
We can help the small home projects DIY comforter producing.
Our company offer comforter and pillow shell to producing comforter with special fill and goose down, feather

Why is cheaper remodeling comforter than buying a new one?
The goose down and fabric shell prices determine the comforter market value. The raw material prices are expensive.
We can clean and reconditioning the down and feather and filling up a new fabric shell. You can save lot of money and also reducing inhuman industrial farming and you can save birds life also.

What is the cleaning and remodelling process?
After received your product we'll measure it and opening the fabric shell and removing the down from the fabric shell.
The removed down conteint handling and cleaned individually.
At the first treatment remove the dust and fragmanted parts. The next step is the cleaning with biodegredable material and steam treatment killing all bacteria.
After the cleaning procedure we'll drying, increasing fillpower, removing rest of fragmanted down.
Final step is filling up the new 600TC 100% cotton German made ocotex 100 fabric down proof shell.
The final result is a clean odor, dust, mite, residue, mildew bacteria free comforter

Do not risk a damage by a home cleaning process.

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